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About me

Why choose me?

My name is László Petrik, I have been dealing with Swedish, Indian relaxation and foot reflexology massage since 2017. My goal is that at the end of the treatment, my guests get up from the massage bed in a relaxed, satisfied way. During a massage, I don’t bother with unnecessary conversation, I focus on my work and you in order to make the most of your time. Thank you for honoring me with your trust and coming to me. I thank you for giving the best of my knowledge.

Look good. Feel better. Live longer.

Don’t let stress ruin your nights!

Massage for restful sleep.

“I strongly recommend it to those who want to recharge and reduce their back and other pain. I had a great time and after a long time I slept well after the massage!”


“A place where it’s all about relaxing, recharging. It’s a great feeling. I was refreshed, thanks to the expertise, the pleasant calm environment and, of course, the attention.”


“I’ve been crouching over the machine for years, of course all my cartilage aches by the end of the day. Anyone in similar shoes should go to Laci! You will be a different person. A better one! Thanks for the experience, I’ll be back!”


“He pays a lot of attention to where it hurts, works excellently professionally. He doesn’t talk much, he provides peace of mind, precise work!”


“When I first visited Laci, I had very much pain in the lower and upper sections of my spine. As a result of the massage, the pains disappeared, I energetically smoothed out and cleared up. I wholeheartedly recommend Laci to everyone because it conveys energies very clearly and has very good hands.”


Don’t worry

if you have a hard time raising your arms or if you are suffering from all day work in front of the monitor! My massage makes you feel better again.